How to resolve Error 5665?

Error 5665 comes when sellers enter their brand name while creating a new product listing.


Amazon Error Code 5665 says – “Amazon must approve your brand before using it to list products. Brands should be registered through Brand Registry.”


In order to resolve this error, you have the following options –


1. Try to change name of your brand name to a different name if possible, which does not give this error. Most likely this error comes when a word in your brand name is similar to competitor’s brand which is registered brand.


2. Contact Seller Support & submit photos of your product with logo/ brand clearly visible on product or packaging to amazon and wait for them to approve it. This may sound easier than done and most sellers don’t have product pictures with logo at the time of creating the listing.


3. Apply for trademark & register your brand in amazon brand registry. This is a straightforward way of applying to amazon brand registry and resolving this error. 


4. Some people also suggest to enter NA or Generic in brand field & edit it later in listing when they have product pictures with logo, however this creates some complications later and you would have to contact seller support, provide them product pictures with logo and wait for amazon to approve change in brand name.



If you are struggling to get your brand name approved from Amazon, we at Uplaunch360 can help you create customized packaging with your brand logo and share images that show the product and packaging held in hand, or placed on a table with branding permanently affixed.


Ready to sell on Amazon?

Ready to sell on Amazon?

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