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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

How do I apply for ‘Done For You’ service?

We only accept a limited number of qualified applicants who apply for ‘Done for You’ service by Uplaunch360 to ensure high quality is maintained. We have to make sure you are a good fit for us to work together. In order to see if you qualify for Done for You service click on Get a Free Consultation to talk to us.

How much investment do I need to launch my product on Amazon?

It depends on the product cost and number of units ordered; however, most sellers invest in the range of $3000-5000 for inventory, shipping and marketing expenses while launching a product on Amazon.

What is the total duration for ‘Done For You’ service?

In the Done for You package, we would provide complete support starting with Amazon Seller Account Setup, till one month post launching your product on Amazon which generally takes around 3-4 months. Having said that most sellers continue with us even after the ‘Done for You’ service period.

How come you are able to offer ‘Done For You’ service at such a low price?

At Uplaunch360, we have huge army of Amazon experts who specialize in different areas of scaling Amazon business all under one roof, hence we are able to offer competitive prices. Having said that, this is our introductory price and we are going to revise it in near future.

What all is not included in the price for ‘Done For You’ service?

The following costs are not included in the Done for You service package:
Cost of Amazon Seller Central Professional Plan
Samples & Inventory cost
Shipping cost
Trademark filing fees
Advertising & Marketing expenses

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