The key to mastering Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

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The goal for this module is to provide an overview of all things Amazon PPC in order to get you ready to setup and manage your own advertising campaigns within Amazon’s platform.

Simply defined, Amazon Sponsored Ads is a system that allows you to put your listing at the top of any search result on Amazon. We have the ability to choose the exact search results that we want to target. So if you think your product would do well at the top of the search result “dog food”, we can put it there. In exchange for this publicity, you pay a price that you pre-determine for every time that someone clicks on your listing and as a result visits your product page. The end goal is to get sales on enough of the clicks you drive to your listing so that the clicks are paid for with the revenue, while still leaving enough left over to make a profit. We’ll go deeper into that later, but for now all we need to know is that the top-3 and bottom-3 listings on every Amazon search that say “sponsored” are run through the sponsored ad system and cost the sellers for every click.

Amazon has a built-in platform that allows us to manage our ad placements and advertising spend. This is called “Campaign Manager”. It can be accessed by selecting the “Advertising” tab on Seller Central and choosing the subsequent option in the drop down menu.

The title says it all. We create and manage our advertisements through a tool called “Campaigns”. Essentially what these allow us to do is group different ad placements on the various searches we choose, and then look at how each group is doing as a whole. So if we wanted to put all of our searches around one topic, we could do see how that topic does overall.


Before going into detail about the way campaigns work and the best way to set them up, it’s important to clearly define a few pieces of the puzzle. Each of these terms are what make up the campaigns and determine how they function. Make sure you understand these very clearly, if you don’t the structure will be much harder to understand later on.

Ready to sell on Amazon?

Ready to sell on Amazon?

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